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UPDATE: Warren Peers Evacuated

After further investigation, it has been determined that a fault in the fire alarm system is to blame for the fire alarm being triggered earlier today.  As an extra precaution, all school systems including furnace and gas have also been checked and cleared.  Students will be returning to the school to finish out the remainder of the school day.

Shortly after the start of the school day, the fire alarm triggered at Warren Peers School resulting in students and staff needing to evacuate to the Community Centre.  As of 9:30 this morning, the fire department has not been able to determine why the alarm triggered and it is suspected a fault in the system could be to blame.  Prairie Rose maintenance staff are investigating further.  At this time, there is no concern regarding the safety of students or staff and school will continue for the day at the Community Centre.  Following further investigation, if the school is deemed safe, staff and students will return to finish the day.  If that happens, parents will be updated.